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Mondays from 6pm to 7pm
$15 per class

To take the Intermediate Class, women need to complete the Beginner Class or have some previous martial arts experience.  We meet from 6pm to 7pm every Monday night and it costs $10 per class. The Intermediate Class is divided into two parts just like the Beginner Class.  In the first part, we discuss 13 cases of real life instances in which a woman has been attacked.


We learn how to:


  • Verbally de-escalate conflicts

  • Handle situations in which a woman has been touched without giving consent

  • Identify and deal with predatory grooming behaviors

  • Handle when a date goes wrong

  • Handle being robbed or attacked when walking alone at night

  • Deal with men who catcall

  • React when someone touches you inappropriately at work

  • Deal with a coercive boss

  • Deal with someone who is intoxicated and aggressive

  • Know when to fight with all your effort

  • Identify cues of inappropriate behavior from otherwise trusted authority figures

  • Deal with people who give creepy hugs

Intermediate Women's Self-Defense Class

In the second part, we practice more physical training.  


We learn to escape:


  • When trapped face down on the floor

  • Creepy hugs (6 types)

  • Single arm chokes from front and rear


We also learn to:


  • Kick more accurately and under pressure

  • Step and slide to make sure we are in the position that is most advantageous

  • Get someone to the ground by pulling, sweeping, or throwing them

  • Apply joint locks such as finger, wrist, or arm locks


In the Intermediate Class, we spend a lot more time applying what we learned in the Beginner Class in novel ways or in sparring situations.  Physical altercations are unpredictable, and we practice spontaneous scenarios using appropriate principles and techniques. We also focus on effective distances and stances that minimize the potential risk for injury.  We learn how to use our own strengths and advantages rather than reacting to someone else. The Intermediate Class emphasizes learning how to make and implement a plan under pressure. We learn how to deal with natural fear reactions that might induce freezing up or feeling panicked.  And we do this all while paying attention to safety.

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