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The Free Women’s Self-Defense Class is our most popular classes.  We hold it twice per year, usually in the summer and winter, on a Saturday morning from 9am to noon.  Email us to find out when the next class starts.  This crash course covers the basics of self-defense. It includes:


  • Understanding why the statistics of assault are important for training

  • 5 behavioral cues of coercive men

  • How to stand properly and protect your face

  • How to make a fist and where to strike

  • How to use a basic kick and why this is so important for women

  • How to escape being grabbed by the wrist

  • How to escape if someone is sitting on you to pin you down

  • How to escape if someone is lying on top of you

  • How to escape chokes


You would think this would be a very serious class given the above curriculum, but, the truth is, we laugh and have fun through the whole class. We practice variations of common physical attacks so you know what to expect and how to escape.  


If you're scared or intimidated to learn these basic techniques, don’t worry. Every time we interact with people in the class, we always ask permission to touch each other. If the answer is yes, we move forward with the practice. If it’s no, we watch others practice and take a break.  All of the instructors are sensitive, supportive, and respectful. You can still learn a lot by watching.


Plus, we work hard to be encouraging every step of the way.  We take our time and move slowly through every technique so you know exactly what to do next.  And, we help you practice so that you can learn the technique properly.   

Free Women's Self-Defense Class
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