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Mondays from 6pm to 7pm
$15 per class

To take the Advanced Class, women need to have completed the Beginner and Intermediate Classes or have significant martial arts training.  We meet every Monday from 6pm to 7pm and it costs $15 per class. In this class we do not have discussion. We focus on principles and techniques of physical training.  


Principles to be taught in the Advanced Class:


Distance:  Teach students the length of their arms and legs, the length of their opponents arms and legs, the distances that are safe, the distance to the target when the target is moving toward, away, to the left and right.  


Transition:  Teach students the ability to move from one thing to another with control such as from a standing position to the floor or from the guard to the mount.


Trap:  Teach students the ability to elicit behaviors in their opponent that set up the action the student wants to take.


Accuracy:  Teach students to execute an action to the intended target despite chaos.


Combinations:  Teach students to deliver several distinct actions in sequence.


Efficiency:  Teach students to manage their energy output by controlling their movements and breathing such that there is very little extra movement/energy expelled.


Timing and Reaction:  Teach students to react automatically when danger cues are present and to do so in the timing that maximizes the other principles.


Perseverance and Adaptability:  Teach students to accept failure without discouragement or frustration and to continue to implement strategies until they escape or defeat their opponent.


Planning:  Teach students to be looking for cues that indicate they can use a technique they know well.  And, teach students to have an idea in mind about how to handle a situation before the situation escalates.


Commitment:  Teach students that when they determine it is time to engage physically, they must do so with conviction, committing fully to their effort and training.


We also teach advanced techniques such as dealing with someone who threatens with a knife or gun.  A great deal of this class is spent practicing how to put all the skills from the Beginner and Intermediate Classes into a sequence of actions that help women to control a physical altercation.


By the time women start this class, they are fairly skilled.  At this point in the learning, putting the skills together is a lot of fun.  It’s like learning all the notes on an instrument and then being able to put them in an order to play a song.  As with the other classes, we laugh a lot and enjoy the learning process.

Advanced Women's Self-Defense Class
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