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Welcome to Women's Self-Defense

Welcome to Women's Self-Defense. Our program is specifically designed to meet the needs of women. We take the best of martial arts and social science to address problems and concerns women have about safety. We teach women how to identify dangerous people, situations in order to avoid them, and the physical skills necessary to protect yourself if it's impossible to avoid an unwanted situation.


Classes and Offers 

Free Women's Self-Defense Class

It doesn't get better than FREE!  If you've ever wanted to learn about self-defense, this is a great place to start! Happening once a month, you'll learn the basics of self-defense with discussion. 

Beginner Class

The Beginner Class is the foundation of our program. It is a lot of fun and you learn a lot.  Plus, it's just $15 per class! 

Intermediate Class

For those who want to take their skills to the next level, this class is for you.  The cost is still just $15 per class!

Advanced Class

If you've taken the Beginner and Intermediate classes, this class is for you.  It's more fun than you can imagine and still just $15 per class!

Private Lessons

If you like a class size of 1, private lessons are for you.  The cost is only $30 per hour and you learn a ton! 

Parties And Corporate Team Bonding

We can design a custom curriculum for your birthday, graduation, celebration, or corporate team-building party so call or email us today!

Meet Your Instructors 

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